2/20 Research

Looking at existing visualizations such as Periscopic, the NRA, and Deaths since Newtown


  • overall very cool, interesting, engaging
  • plots age shot vs. life expectancy
  • filter by different categories
  • still want more explanation, more detail


  • plain map of the US
  • color coded by state/House district
  • passive, boring
  • it tells me that liberal states are liberal

Deaths since Newtown

  • feels one dimensional
  • filters 4 different categories
  • dangerous cities are dangerous

Since exploring visualizations, some possible collectible quantitative data

  • age
  • family members
  • location
  • income
  • race
  • gender
  • gun type
  • NATURE OF CRIME (accident, homicide, suicide, gang shooting, robbery)
  • date of crime
  • law enforcement involvement?

Still to explore

  • memorials, living memorials
  • semantics of language with respect to crimes
  • differences and relationships between individual, community, and society