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About Hyun Sun Seo

Hello, I am a Senior designer at Carnegie Mellon University.

Gun Statistics : group work with Lena

Lena and I used this statistics related to guns:
Living in a home where there are guns increases the chances of suicide by 90 to 460% homicide by 40 to 170%

We captured the scene from the movie and hinted on the effects that gun attracts you mentally and physically and increases chance to shoot.

Design Fiction

What if gun knows what you are doing?
My idea is what if can talk to you and tell you what to do when you handle it.
Once you grab the gun, it detects you what you are aiming at and why you are doing so. It tells you the profile of the target, which includes names, hometown, family background and characters.
If it is accidental or wrong reason, the gun stops you. It says “STOP,” and then melts around your hand. The gun feels like human hands, so you get the feeling of heartbeat and some temperature. I will sooth your heart.
If shooting is intentional and reasonable, the gun authorizes you to shoot, but once you pull the trigger, you have to shoot second shot to make sure it is right to shoot. By getting one more chance, you will think about it once more.

I suggests different design of guns. The current shape drags your fingers into the trigger. If it is changed in a design that does not make fingers or hands comfortable to grab, it might be able to distract to draw hands into guns by looking at it.

This humanization of gun makes human-with-human instead of human-with-gun.

Individual Project Brief

  • What will your individual exploration of the issues in this class focus on?

My individual exploration of the issues will focus on visualization of facts to distribute the ideas of the gun issues around our society. I realized that our society knows that there are serious issues related to guns, yet there’s not much effort made to generalize the issue for it is too furious. People from different cultures and social status do not face the issue where gun-related issues happen in many places to everywhere. I would like to represent the issue in easy, simple, and quick series of posters with motivational quotes or simple facts to effectively inform the issue to public. 


  • What is it that you want to know?

I would like to know how the series of posters can be published. We have social networks, advertisements on the Internet, buses, or other public transportations. I would like to find more effective ways to distribute the informative posters.


  • What is it that you want to do?

I would like to help our society to read and understand the facts that they have to know about gun violence and acknowledge simple ways that they can do about understanding the issue. From studio’s lectures and readings, I found many phrases or notions that provoked me the idea of why guns are dangerous and what is going on in the world. If our society could listen to what I summarized in essential, Also, we and specific gun protection groups know the issue well because they spent whole a lot of time to read and learn, yet our society is too busy for it. Seeing the series of posters that are simple, educative, and attracting will help them to know about the gun issues.


  • What will your reference material be for this? (readings, designers, writers etc.)

I would like to refer to the lecture notes I have taken and readings that we have done in class. I am also planning to phrase the words of the interviews that are scheduled to happen this week with Vanessa and the police, so I get more provocative and informative phrases. 


  • What will the material outcome be?

The outcome will be series of posters with simple images, graphics, and word phrases that both educate and interest society. 


  • What is the scope of this investigation? How big will it be? How many components, words, minutes?

I am planning to adjust the sizes of the posters as I find ways to display them. I am going to try to simplify the images, words, and phrases so that they are easy to be read and easy to be understood. 


  • What is your timeline for progress through this?

I will start with collecting facts and phrases under some categories, and sketching out the posters. I am planning to work on this until the spring break, so when April comes, I plan to have rough images and phrases. During the last weeks, I will finalize the images and posters, and find out how the posters can be distributed and displayed. 


  • How will you know that you are making progress on this?

In order to finalize series of posters, I will have many mock ups and sketches of the posters. I will need to discuss the visuals of the images with Laurene, Anna, and other classmates.  


  • How will you measure your success in realizing your ambition?

I would like to show the posters to people who are not in our studio and not know about gun facts or issues well. They will be representatives of the public I am targeting. I would observe how the posters inspired or educated them easily and quickly, which is the ultimate goal of my project.


Why Gun ‘Control’ Is Not Enough

This article is from Opinionator Blog at New York Times. The article argues that gun advocacies is not enough and needs more explanation in big picture. What gun advocacies claim is the idea that the unarmed must arm themselves. Yet this explains that as more individual acquire guns, the power of the police declines, as personal security becomes more a matter of self-help until everyone is armed. Gun advocates further problems arise: people are more likely to get shot by mistake or by accident instead of getting into fistfight. They also explains in regards of self defense, the gun advocacies should have a reasonable logic that guns are necessary or even useful for self-defense when there would be far fewer occasions in real world.