2/25 Research

Looking for “share your story”-esque websites

  • Not many good online services for sharing stories
  • No community-based story sharing
  • Some more general user content sharing:
  • How do these relate individual stories to general themes (close v. wide view)?

CNN iReport

  • User submitted news stories
  • Freely chosen topics, or by suggestion
  • Display by news feed
  • Sorted (assumingly) by date or popularity or both
  • Personally able to choose groups for subscription

Quantified Self

  • No user submission
  • Content posted by admins, users comment
  • Posts sorted by dates, tags
  • Info about In Real Life activities

User Rating System- TripAdvisor, Amazon, etc.

  • Already existing database of products, hotels, flights
  • User submitted ratings
  • Aggregated data
  • Sort by most helpful (user-rated ratings)