RMIT Social Media Collaboration

In the studio we are going to be connecting with communication students from RMIT University in Melbourne Australia. These students are working on a project brief to design a social media campaign around the issue of gun control and well being. The following is the brief that we supplied to them.

In collaboration with students from Carnegie Mellon University, develop a communications strategy about gun control in the US. Your solutions should be based in social and participatory media and directed at middle class North West Americans aged 18-30 years. The campaign will build awareness of gun control as a wellness and community safety issue through a focus on guns as both material products that have significant social and cultural currency. In order to engage your audience, consider novel ways to get participation through a range of media appropriate to the audience. 

 The CMU students have researched the issue and are documenting their investigations on the blog site They are particularly interested in how you can use the design fictions as a way to get people thinking about guns – these are available under phase 3 in the studio explorations. Your campaign will represent these findings. You can use an information style; humorous; popular culture; or other approach to gain attention and spread the message.