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In Class Project with Danielle: If 6 People are shot 5 live (1 dies)

As we were discussing this statistic, we became interested in the idea of how it relates to time and how to get these individuals to relate to death and living as two things, each with serious consequences.

We also were inspired by where you can see these different crimes happen to a date, but when those locations are really related to a place, by a photo, how that changes how a person relates to it. We also became interested in communicating how the story continues, is it possible to show the hospital visit, the psychological issues, the funeral costs.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 3.58.52 PM

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Interview questions

Each pair should have a clearly stated strategy for the questions that they are going to ask when they meet with their respective interviewees.

From our schema of different stakeholders and their contribution to the issue of child safety and guns – what is it that we need to know, what can we learn from them, what is the best way to structure the interview/conversation, how will you record the interview/conversation – write notes, collect images or diagrams, record it.

Remember we are doing these because we want to understand the issue from different perspectives as is relevant to the breadth of stakeholders involved in this problem.


Monday February 4th

In this class the three groups who formed last Wednesday to start to analyse the studio date around the three questions of: what we know so far, what we don’t know and what we need to know more about.

There will most likely be overlaps and that is ok. Students should just try to convey there observations and questions as clearly as possible.