who are we? – an expertise audit

In our studio we have the following areas of design skills, knowledge and expertise, plus other areas of expertise that we bring to the project and exploration.

In no particular order:

Lena – storytelling, narratives, visual and communication design, mapping and diagramming, ideation

Sarah – psychology vs risk perception, economics, social media (strategy and use) service design, making lists (organisation) design research, decision science

Danielle– community organisation, systems/whole picture thinking, sustainability, rhetorical analysis, frameworks

Laurene – design research, place theory, place making, facilitation, critical thinking, project management, leadership, experience design

Sunny– organisations, photo documentation, systems/economies of thinking, psychological approach, branding, user research

Laura– physical prototyping, hard and soft goods, systems analysis, organizing, critical thinking

Russell– systems thinking, information architecture, web design, experience design, brainstorming, web development

Maureen– soft good construction, philosophy, understanding and breaking down systems, photography, critical design

Michelle – organisation/planning, visual design, user experience, HTML/CSS, event community involvement, Ideation/brainstorming

Aurora– visual design, professional writing, print design, data visualisation, photography, designing within systems

Eunice– communication strategy, visual design, frameworking (macro level), planning/organisation, people relations (mediator/ people outreach meetings), user experience, analysis and qualitative research

Jisoo – visual communication design, branding, user experience, user interfaces, information design, magazine layouts and print design