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Project Statement

It seems that with current gun debates, we are giving weight to certain parts of our constitution rather than others. I aim to stress the importance on other rights outlined in the constitution. We are granted the natural right to life, which  equates to not being killed, nor abused or injured. If we are currently allowed to take our firearms with us wherever we go, why should we not be able to be protected everywhere we are as well. Considering some of our most violent shootings have happened in public places, movie theaters and schools, places where people think they are safe, we should have the choice to protect ourselves from the unknown. Movies and TV shows glamorize gun violence. But what if fashion could glamorize safety? This is a proposed line of kevlar apparel that would be targeted towards women and children. It would contain a range of items from pants to cardigans that were lined in kevlar for its bulletproof abilities. My aim is to further my initial design fiction exploration, and create a realistic scenario where these products could exist. By doing so, I hope to evoke conversation concerning firearm laws and what is appropriate to protect our rights as human beings. 


Lets Ban Guns and Cars

This article compares the safety of guns and the safety of consumer vehicles. It argues that they both have similar risks for injury and death, however, cars are more regulated because of impediments from the NRA. It discusses many facts learned from our previous readings, though it goes into more depth about gun control in states like Florida and how that affects gun death averages. It argues that we’ve made such strides in regulating other dangerous activities like driving that we can do the same for guns.