Design Fiction

What if gun knows what you are doing?
My idea is what if can talk to you and tell you what to do when you handle it.
Once you grab the gun, it detects you what you are aiming at and why you are doing so. It tells you the profile of the target, which includes names, hometown, family background and characters.
If it is accidental or wrong reason, the gun stops you. It says “STOP,” and then melts around your hand. The gun feels like human hands, so you get the feeling of heartbeat and some temperature. I will sooth your heart.
If shooting is intentional and reasonable, the gun authorizes you to shoot, but once you pull the trigger, you have to shoot second shot to make sure it is right to shoot. By getting one more chance, you will think about it once more.

I suggests different design of guns. The current shape drags your fingers into the trigger. If it is changed in a design that does not make fingers or hands comfortable to grab, it might be able to distract to draw hands into guns by looking at it.

This humanization of gun makes human-with-human instead of human-with-gun.