For the final assessment day  each student is required to present their individual project to the class. This presentation should be between 10 minutes max in length.

Every body in the presentations is aware of the complexities of the problem we have been exploring and of the narratives of your individual projects through the various presentations and discussions throughout the semester. In this presentation I want you to elevate a level and to discuss your project as a design action or strategy, and what kind of transferable knowledge and insights your method can produce for both the challenge of guns but any other such wicked sociocultural and political problem.

An example of a presentation outline is:

  • briefly state what your project focused on/your intention (2min)
  • what you did (2min)
  • state what kind of design strategy/method this is, or how what you have done draws on your design knowledge (2 min)
  • the strengths and limitations of your method (2min)
  • with more time, resources or capabilities what would you change or extend and why (2min)

The style of the presentation should be to walk us through your project & provide us with enough context to be able to critique and consider it for further application.