America, Firearms, & Tourism


I used this exercise to explore how the United States will look if guns become more prevalent in society. If the demand for firearms becomes so high that we see nearly every adult in America carrying a weapon, how will that affect people entering America for tourism? Not having a gun is not an option – if more adults are carrying guns then potentially more disputes will be resolved with gun violence.

Currently when travelling internationally into America, it’s important to have health insurance because the costs of healthcare for the uninsured are astronomical. In the future, however, international tourists will need to become certified to use a gun at the American embassy to their country and will need to rent firearms in order to keep themselves and their families safe for the duration of their vacation.

The image above provides a look into the normalization of the gun in America from a tourist perspective. Bundled along with your flight, rental car, and hotel is a rental firearm. Google Ads show discounts for rental guns.