Interview With Tom Stangrecki

Are accidents unintentional. child access laws reduce it? – On rare occasions children are shot b/c access to fire arms. majority is homicidal. young adults having access to guns that shouldn’t. very few children shot accidentally. 

deals more with homicides. 

 If guns are locked up, are they not stolen as much? Do child access protection laws prevent flow of guns not being in hands of people that should’t have them? – it’s possible. it would help reduce illegal guns. 


guns traded for drugs is significant. stolen from family members. purchasing guns for people who can’t purchase them. 


what should we be looking at? – highlighting the issue of straw purchases. 


Are straw purchases illegal? – would do a background check. past criminal record, mental health. illegal to provide a gun for someone else and would face jail time. 


family member passes away, what to do with the gun(s)? 


what is the best thing to get rid of that gun? – turn over to police department. could take it to an approved gun dealer. 


What are your key concerns? Trends in pittsburgh? – main concern is violence with guns. a lot of guns in many communities in the wrong hands that enables them to conduct violence.