Assessment requirements

There are two categories of assessment requirements- individual and group/class


Individually you are required to:

  • Participate in all class discussions
  • Undertake readings and post annotation summations as distributed to all class members
  • Contribute to the class blog – your own page and shared discussions
  • Undertake an individual investigation into the topics raised in class in a manner or form that relates to your particular area of interest and practice. You will work on this throughout the semester and should have a proposal for what this will be to discuss with your professor in Week 6 of the semester (Feb 18-20). This is a negotiated submission, it should result in a portfolio piece for you, and can be in any form as is appropriate.


Throughout the semester will undertake group/studio exercises exploring the key issues in the topic.These will include:

  • Evaluation and discussion of issues
  • Presentation to the project partner
  • Design sketches or reflections of issues as raised by guest speakers in class
  • Three specific areas of inquiry and mini projects – the detail of each of these will be outlined as they are developed in class
    • Design fiction
    • Information design
    • Design communication
    • As a class we will undertake a major inquiry into the issue in a manner that addresses the key challenges of the project partner. This will draw on the three approaches listed above.
    • This and the processes used in the class will be combined into the design of studio publication – format etc. to be co-designed by the studio members