Fact about Living with Guns- Lena & Sunny

This video was our way of visualizing the statistic that living in a home where there are guns increases the chances of suicide by 90 to 460% homicide by 40 to 170%

We chose a clip from the movie Donnie Darko where in the movie, one of the characters is able to see all of the possible futures of himself and the people around him. The liquid that moves from out of their chests represents their future and what they are attracted to. The main character ( Donnie) begins to see his own future starting to flow ahead of him and follows it. The viewer finds out that he is being attracted to the gun that is hidden in his parent’s closet.

We thought that this was interesting because it looks like the gun could actually be attracting Donnie to itself, and is a really good way of illustrating the agency that a firearm has.

We end the video by sharing the statistic and hope that is makes a point about the possibilites that can come into fruition when a gun is in the home.