Introduction: Sarah Read

Hello world! I’m excited to be in the Design, Place and Social Innovation studio. As an interdisciplinary student of both design and decision science, I’m really interested in how both fields can contribute practical solutions to such complex social issues. I’m also taking another class in the Social & Decision Science department called Risk Perception and Communication, and I’m hoping that some of the psychological literature will be relevant to our course. I’ll try to share some stuff along the way.

It’s a bit surreal for me to be working on such a sensitive subject matter. Having never seen a gun in person, my opinions have been formed mostly from other people’s stories and experiences. When I think about guns there is only one thing that comes to mind: how the shooting at Columbine High School directly influenced the way my high school operated. Apparently my high school in Ohio was demographically similar to Columbine, and we had an increased level of security because of the risk factor. Luckily, nothing similar has ever happened in my school district.