Interview with Community Foundation


We conducted a phone interview with an employee at a Pittsburgh foundation focusing on racial justice issue. The project she is currently working on is focused on the Child Access Protection law.

Keywords: research, narratives, child access protection law, analysis

Key points from our conversation
– finds quantitative data from external groups or universities that have the money and resources to put into these types of studies; NRA cut off a lot of research; there are not many people doing research in this area; the foundation doesn’t do it’s own research
– for narratives, she does google word searches to find stories; these are mostly about post shooting experiences
– she analyzes information herself, not a formalized process but based from the perspective of their mission to work on racial justice issues; she then looks at common factors within studies
– NRA is the only group that has guns as their top priority, for others guns is secondary to things like health, education, etc.; it’s difficult to make guns number one issue for people
– role of gender within households is a key issue
– data gaps: injury information, data focused on behavior and perception

Ideas for improvement:
– male as advocate for locking up gun safely among friends
– women have law behind them to talk to male gun owner
– if men were convinced they could still have quick access to a locked gun, they might do it