Project Statement – Maureen

I will be looking into challenging myths that individuals have surrounding gun use through relevant statistics. I will then tailor that information into a visual piece that will be placed within an public space within pittsburgh. My objective is to interpret and dissect the statistic  understand the relationship of the statistic to stakeholders within pittsburgh and then create a physical artifact that shocks people into reflecting upon the dangers of gun usage. In this project I will be creating a tool for change – an artifact that forces people to come face to face with their assumptions.

Possible Statistics:

  •  Based on survey data from the U.S. Department of Justice, about 244,866 nonfatal violent victimizations committed against children under age 12 with the use of a gun annually.
  • Total costs related to gun injuries and deaths daily amounts to 6 million USD. Of that, 3 million are coming from public money.
  • 4,166 children shot accidentally in 2010. in U.S. due to unsecured guns in the home
  • According to the FBI, for every justifiable handgun homicide, there are more than 50 handgun murders.