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AIGA-End Gun Violence

“A collaborative poster conversation” started after the Newtown shooting to allow designers and members to contribute messages related to gun violence through creative visuals that add to this conversation.

Apart from being a compelling set of visuals, these examples are beneficial in terms of my individual project as a basis for how other designers are thinking about and visualizing the topic of guns and gun violence,.

Moving Forward after the Postcards

Currently my project is a data-collector, a source, it’s data mining.

But what could it become -> where can it grow?

Currently people: find the card, share their story, read other stories

But what could it do for other people? like a policy maker, how is this method effective for them? and what becomes possible?

What do you do with the data, how do you transform it or bring it to life?

Currently the postcards are a promotion itself for social action, activism, and works within several different entities -> online for spread and sharing -> postcard for the personal touch.

Gun Safety Campaign- Early Ideas

Based on other public health campaigns, I began to develop ideas for gun safety promotions. Some ideas I explored were:

-Making a gun/shape out of different things (hospital bracelets, hundred dollar bills, etc.)

-Comparing gun statistics to other events (this many die a year…as opposed to 9/11, war, etc,)

-Comparing guns with seat-belts and other things that we use to keep us safe)

-High-quality ads for guns as “accident starters”, etc. (see beer goggles ad)

-Replace guns in pictures with something else (what else could soldiers be holding); replace everyday objects with guns (what if a baby held a gun instead of a bottle)

These early ideas were visualized and expanded upon in the sketches below. As I worked, I began to understand the challenges that I am facing in doing this project…


-How to portray controversial ideas in a way that makes people curious rather than offended?

-Maintain pro gun safety rather than anti-gun, or expose these subtle differences through the work

-Avoid playing into stereotypes (or use them to my advantage)

-How controversial/gruesome/shocking is appropriate? What are the limitations?