Legislation & the Gun Industry

In case you needed anymore convincing that the problem of gun violence is extremely interconnected in America.

This article by Business Insider has three interactive maps (using 2012 data):

  • how many people are employed in the gun industry in each of the states
  • how many background checks the FBI did on people wanting to buy guns in each state
  • how the number of background checks done by the FBI increased or decreased from 2011

And here’s some important numbers from the article:

  • in 2012, the American gun industry totaled about $12 billion
  • in 2011, American gun companies paid more than $5 billion in federal, state and excise taxes
  • 98,759 people were employed by the gun industry in 2012
  • there are 3,505 people employed in the gun industry in Pennsylvania
  • the FBI did 19,463,862 background checks in 2012 for people wanting to buy guns (over 3 million more than 2011)
  • 968,534 people wanted to buy guns in PA in 2012 (249,600 more than in 2011)